How to zoom in on replays

Hey guys, how do I zoom in on replays? I can’t seem to figure it out


Use 2 fingers and place them on the screen, move them away from each other to zoom in and closer together to zoom out.

Edit: As @Q-ENAN it has to be on the right hand side.

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No, on a replay it’s different. You have to hold both fingers on the screen and tilt your device forward (zoom in) or backward (zoom out) from what I remember.

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Right hand side may I add

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I tested it out just then though. It works your way as well, but works with mine too.

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Oh my…

Thank you very much for this information, I will love to use this

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You don’t have to use two fingers just one on the right hand side of the screen will do, then tilt

Just like how you would with any other mobile game

Use two fingers to zoom in and out. That is, mix and breed them)

in replay, to get a more accurate zoom you can just hold the right side of the screen with one finger then tilt the device, this helps for a more accurate and slower zoom

Here more tutorial how to controls cameras in Infinite Flight - Cameras | Infinite Flight

Video are available to watch on below that page 😉

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