How to watch and record your iPhone screen on a MacBook

If you have a MacBook plugging your phone into the Mac book and follow the steps

open in QuickTime player> <img src=“//” width=“410” height=“330”

Then go to file>and new movie recording

Next to the record button hit the drop-down arrow and select your phone>

that it your done fun flying


So i could do this and pretend my phone or ipad is an airplane yoke and look at the sreen?

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If you do this you can’t record for 10 min as you will reach a few GB of data then…

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You can save a really low quality video file, with a lower framerate

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What you will need:
• A Mac (running OS X Yosemite or later)
• An iOS device (running iOS 8 or later)
• Lightning Cable

Step 1:
Connect your iDevice (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) to your Mac using the Lightning cable.

Step 2:
Open QuickTime on your Mac.

Step 3:
Go to File and select “New Movie Recording”.

Step 4:
A window will appear. Next to the record button, you will see a little arrow. Click that arrow and select your iDevice. If you want in-app sound in your video, select your iDevice as microphone.

Step 5:
Click on the red record button. Once you’re finished, tap the stop button and save. You’re done!

Hope this was useful. Happy landings!

Note: Another topic is already explaining how to record your iDevice screen but this one is an improved version.


How do you make it like that?

What do you mean? You can PM me too for more informations :-)

How do you make it show 2 photos on one photo?

By creating a GIF.

Great post, it worked. The recording itself is near real-time, but there is some noticeable lag between performing an action on my iPhone and seeing the action occur in the QuickTime window. I used to record my iPhone with acethinker iphone screen recorder, never had that problem.

hi!!! so i tried this, and it wasn’t working for me after the stage of click on the arrow, and select your device, when i clicked screen recording it brought up face time is that correct??? i also have a question because, i don’t have the new apple charger that came out with the iPhone 6, and the iPad min 3, along with the iPad air 2, so does it still work with the old after charger cable?
thx for answering, Ian

I’ve followed these steps but I am unable to get any audio even though I have selected my device as the microphone. Is there anhrbknf else I need to do?

Make sure the volume on your device is up, and for the computer so you can hear it!

Got it figured out. Thanks!

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Awesome! Everything works smoothly. However while playing games, the sound is delayed from the video itself a bit. I used to capture gameplay on my iPhone with this screen recorder, free and works fairly well.

This is a very useful page and I’m glad that I was able to find it! I think I’ll be starting up a YouTube channel soon for some IOS Games. Take care.

Good sharing. But Quicktime is pretty basic. I usually mirror and record iPhone on computer using other software

Many iPhone screen recorders use mirroring to record iPhone videos on Mac computer. You can use them. I myself prefer to use a screen recorder for Mac to record streaming movies in 1080p on computer screen directly. It’s much more convenient.

the only issue i have is my phone wont charge