How to wash a plane

##How to wash a plane.

I’ve always wondered, just how do Airlines keep planes looking nice, clean and shinny. Well, after searching around I found this great article that explains just how! Enjoy.


Cool article. Thanks for posting it.
dh (KSH0728)

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Or you could just take it a for a quick dive, like Captain Sully did in the Hudson.


I’ve washed a Piper Archer and a Piper Tomahawk, for the small planes it’s just like washing a car, except you don’t put water in any of the holes and don’t brush the windows because they scratched easily

That’s just how losers do it. I take the time to wash my Cessna down with a toothbrush, and then brush my teeth with it.

Im kidding, that’s cool! (And no, I don’t own a Cessna)


I think lot of plane were never washed, work on Air france plane or Vueling, Aer lingus… and crap i confess i draw a d*#*# on Hop ! crj1000 and fly with since july ^^


And i admit for all my partner who worked on plane, baggage rack are recovered of tag, graffitti or message of all the plane travel one, i love take my time too read some :p

Just fly your plane to Scotland. Plenty of rain to wash your plane for free!


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