How to wake a city up

It’s 11pm at night in downtown Los Angeles, the night life is going on. You and your friends are walking down town when out of no where the sound of rotor blades hit the air, you look up and see the US Army 160th SOAR fly over.
An Army MH-6 flies between building downtown, while MH-60s over fly ahead. Well this is what happened to those in LA yesterday evening. The Army made a rumble as they roar into LA.

(The 160th’s MH6 “Little Bird” flying between buildings downtown)

The US Army says that the Special Forces Regiment is in town to do training. The 160th is the Army’s elite aviation battalion famously known as “Night Stalkers”.

The 160th is famous for the lost of a black hawk in Somalia, this became known as “Black Hawk Down” in 1993. Since then the 160th supported operations world wide including the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Here’s some great video and news articles:


This is like when an RAF A400M buzzed over my university in the middle of the countryside at a very low altitude. I was shocked. 😂


But didn’t you love it when it did?

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Yeah I’m annoyed at how sudden it was. I could have gotten an amazing picture if I knew. I could have probably seen the pilots clear as day it was that low

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Where I currently live, I’m in Andrews AFB localizer. The noise never stops, C17 flying over at 3am or Air Force One at 3pm. It’s so beautiful though I wish I had a better camera.

I use to live at the final end of an Air Force Base… Two AM wake up calls from the Air Force Base was not fun at all…
Where I live now I can still hear Boeing out test flying sometimes but I am miles away from an airport (Thankfully)

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This seems to happen often for some reason. Few months back the RAAF flew a Herc over the Brianna CBD.

I’m on right downwind for my local AFB. The KC10s and 135s are relentless. Then the C-17s and C-5s come in at 11pm. Then there’s the occasion of a 747F that will add a new noise. Can I ever forget the Fighters? Nope, nothing says freedom like a F-16 at 2000 ft AGL. I can’t imagine this in a city.

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