How to visualize the lights at the end of the track?

How far from the runway do I see the landing lights well, the lights that indicate I’m going to land correctly, so that I can turn off the autopilot?

two whites and two reds indicate that you’re on the correct glidescope and so long as you maintain that glidescope you are lined up for a perfect landing.

you can turn off the autopilot whenever you feel fit, although if you are unsure I suggest leaving it on until you are lined up with the runway and then switching the autopilot off and flying the plane down.

when you first see the PAPI lights on approach, this is not an indicator to turn off the autopilot, it is just a landing aid and to signify to you that you are on the correct glidescope. it is up to pilot choice on if to leave the autopilot on until touchdown or switch it off at say a 4 or 8 mile final and land the plane manually!

I don’t know when the PAPI lights come up on infinite flight, unfortunately - this is best answered by one of the developers as it will be a set line of code in the game!

hope that helps :)

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The landing lights you are referring to are PAPI lights as the user above described. In infinite flight, there is only a set of two PAPI lights, so in IF, one red and one white means you are on the glide slope. Two white means you are high, and two red means you are low. You can also use your ILS if you are familiar with that (if you’re not, there are plenty of awesome tutorials on the Infinite Flight YouTube channel)

For autopilot, it depends on personal preference. For me, I turn off the autopilot either during or before my base leg and hand fly it the rest of the way (no matter the weather or time of day)


ok, thanks for your tip. It will definitely be useful.

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Aware, thanks!

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