How to: Visit the Flight Deck of an Airplane

Hello IFC,
Recently I took a trip around the US flying three different airlines in two different days. I had a great time and it was lots of fun. Soo, with that being said I’m going to give some tips and tricks to visit the cockpit of your next flight. Now remember the flight crew does have the right to decline these requests.

  1. Ask the flight attendants during the flight. Be polite and smile. Show appreciation and an interest in aviation.
  2. Don’t see the pilots before the flight. They are usually busy before hand and don’t want to be bothered.
  3. These are pilots are working. They have a job to do. So your request may be denied, after all it is there airplane and they are in charge of it.
  4. If they do say yes, be polite, smile, engage with them and ask them questions. Most pilots I know would love it if young adults/teenagers came and visit them more. There not going to be bite.
  5. Be appreciate of what they do. I like to give out compliments to these pilots if I go visit them. Something like great landing or thank you for the flight or I appreciate it. Thanks for letting me come look. These are great ways to show gratitude and thankfulness to the crew.
  6. Show them you care and that you have an interest and that you have a passion for aviation. Remember they started out just like you.
  7. They do have the right to say NO. Don’t get discouraged. Ask on your next flight and the answer might be yes.
  8. Have fun! Enjoy your time up there. It’s not everyday someone gets to visit the cockpit of a commercial jet.

epic. thanks for tips


#1 Rule

Don’t be an introvert…

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Also #1 Rule

Be polite…

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kidding, i try to be polite


Rule 1.

slip a fifty under hand ;)


Thanks for the tips! It’s always great to go into the cockpit, it’s really fun, and the pilots are most always nice.

Cool story: One of my friends (he also likes aviation) was on a flight. It was a story afternoon, so Chicago O’hare had a ground-stop. After a while, the pilots offered for people to come to the cockpit if they wanted to, and of course my friend said “yes.” He and the pilots chatted, and he shared his interest and knowledge with aviation with them. Here’s the funny part: the pilot hopped in a seat and said “the kid can fly, he knows a lot about planes.” But of course, he had a job to to, so the pilots flew the plane, (to the relief of all the passengers).


Thanks for the tips! I will try these tips this January when I fly to KIAH! These will definitely come in handy!

(Also sorry to be that person but on number 3 “there” is actually “their”.)

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Rule 1

The pilots will not let you in the cockpit in flight, that is illegal. Just a heads up. Every time I’ve been in the cockpit, the pilots have been more than happy to talk there and show parts of the aircraft and what they do. They’ll let you sit in the seat, hand at the controls, the whole lot! But… Only if you ask nicely and show willing 🙃


Well… maybe it is but from personal experience, sometimes they let it slide ;)
Just don’t get them in trouble if they make an exception for you…


No, years ago I went in the cockpit of a Virgin Atlantic 747-400, but now I think it’s been made illegal after 9/11 ☹🙃

Wait don’t quote that I’m an idiot. I wasnt even born before 9/11 🤦‍♂️

It’s not allowed now, and an pilot recently got in trouble for letting someone in during flight.

After a little research, it is banned by the CAA to let anyone other than staff in the cockpit during flight.


I wasn’t talking about in flight… no where in my post does it say in flight. I’m talking about after the flight! I know as a pilot that’s illegal


RIP I’m trying not to turn this into a big thing too 😂 I know too as a pilot (in training) but couldn’t remember the correct source as I haven’t studied that yet.

I just quoted it as a small comment lol

I ask the attendants before and after flight for confirmation go in
I have been in A320 cockpit

No where in my post does it say that about letting you go in the cockpit in flight… I’m purely talking about after or before the flight.

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That’s the right way to go. Exactly what I’ve done

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Let’s just get back on topic and not let a huge debate get started.

It’s on topic good person

I didn’t say you mentioned about being in the cockpit in flight.

I said it as an random note so for those who didn’t know becuase I’m sure there is a lot. I’m not carrying on with this we’ll just get frustrated and go round in circles.

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Bookmarked! For someone who is somewhat antisocial its always nice to have an exact plan of what to ask I’m what order. I guess I know now to reach out to the FAs first. Thanks!

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Your welcome! I’m glad I could help