How to view total number of likes posts?

Not how many likes received but how many liked posts.


Ummm… ^^^

Oops sorry, let me get back to you!

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Is this what you mean?

Liked posts. How many posts have been liked at least once.

Annnnnd now Im too late. 😂
At least you found what you were looking for!

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I don’t know if that’s possible, just look on top replies and count them I guess

Theres really no other way to see the likes that were given.
You can do what @Plnelovr said and total them up. But you wont see all the posts that were liked at least once. Only the posts with the highest amount of likes out of all your posts

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Ok. image

I’ll get right on that!

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As mentioned you can see the given and received on the home screen, but if you click on “given” you will see a list of every post you’ve liked…

You can also go to Activity>Likes

Thats gonna take a very very very very long time

Oh, I just realized I awnsered the wrong question…

Hi, you can see your topics with all your likes.

Does this help?

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No. No. No. I am asking for how many POSTS THAT WERE LIKED BY OTHERS USERS NOT how many likes I have given.

Hmm, I don’t think that is possible. You can only see who you were liked most by.

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Ya, that’s not possible, you’ll have to go through all you’re posts…

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Ok. The reason that I was wondering is I wanted to know how in reality to get this


Just make thoughtful posts, and wait. Patience is key. If you’re patient, you’ll receive the award in no time. :)

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Well given that you only have just about 400 posts, and 500 given likes, so I think that’s a good starting point, but don’t spam that last 100, as @TaipeiGuru said badges come with patience, I would honestly advise you to not strive to get badges frankly. They’ll come, and some day you can look back on everything you’ve accomplished. Have you seen anyone here comparing badges? I certainly haven’t. Over my now almost year and a half I’ve gotten 30+ badges, some multiple times, and it’s awesome to look back at all the cool things I’ve accomplished, but I didn’t work, or aim to get a single one…


I have recently received that award and it came from purely being active. Don’t bother with counting and et cetera, it’ll come with time.