How to view STARs as ATC?

I was just controlling Los Angeles Center on training server but I couldn’t view the STARs for arrival on KLAX, which made it quite a bit difficult to vector aircraft in for approach. Does anyone know how to view them?
Thanks in advance!


To view STARs, click on the airport icon and select where is says PROC. (If you were a pilot, the add waypoint icon would be in this location).


Keep in mind that this is different from how you would view it on the pilot’s side of things :)

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Hi, unfortunately this feature is not available when you are ATC. That’s why I got confused.

When I click on PROC, every option is grayed out like if it wasn’t available.

You’re probably clicking on it from the PROC button on the airport information tab.

Click the blue airport icon, and there should be a PROC button at the right of the tab.


Navigate to the screen shown below.

Click the airport icon.

Click PROC (Note: Do not tap the airport information)

All published SIDS and STARs will be shown.

And, voilá! You can select individual SIDs and STARs, change the opacity, etc.


That PROC has been missed by so many people including myself lol. The easiest thing to overlook so far in the update lol.

Everything is unavailable @Thunderbolt

That’s because you went to airport information. Click the PROC button after you click the airport icon.

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Got it thanks!!!

For reference:

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Thanks a lot for the help!!!

And is there a “Descent via STaR” command cause I couldn’t find it.

It should be “proceed as requested” if a pilot has requested descent via a published STAR.

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Can’t i ask them to descend via a specific star even if they don’t for it?

You can say “amend flight plan to include ATC preferred STAR”. Not sure if that command is available on the training server, though.

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Ok, thanks!

You can tell an aircraft to descend via a STAR if it is in their flight plan, even if they don’t request to descend via it. It must be in their FPL, however, and you can’t request to descend via a specific one.

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So like not really related, but when ATC instructs you to “Amend flight plan to include ATC preferred STAR at destination” what should you do In the moment?