How to utilize trim for landing the 747-400

how to use the trim when landing the B747-400

Refer to this for help:

Simply put, increase the trim before disengagement of the autopilot. When the purple line disappears you there won’t be a jolt when you disengage

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I mean to get smooth landing without hitting the nose hard after touching down like can someone give me the best % of the trim

Are your brakes on after touchdown?

No only reverse with spoilers

You don’t use trim on touchdown really, after you’re on the ground, just keep a steady pull to keep the nose up.

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All depends. You just got to get a feel for it. Keep practicing. I don’t use trim for the heavies, but if I felt I would need it it would probably be on short final. I’m not a massive heavy flyer though so my opinion probably isn’t worth much

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I trim the aircraft for every phase of flight, however the trim rules remain the same for every phase.

You dont over trim so the aircraft holds its nose up, or just enough to it lowers it nicely. That’s all down to the pilot in charge I’m afraid. As Michael said, get a feel for it and with practise you will begin to nail it.

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If you’re hitting the nose hard on landing take a look at how your approach is set up. You need an appropriate speed so that you can gently bleed off the inertia to put the mains on the runway, then like the other guy said try to hold the nose off and gently set it down. I sometimes get a more stable approach with 10-13% nose up trim depending on the aircraft.

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