How to use Zello While playing IF (Android)

Before we start this is for ANDROID Only!
Users using IOS or Etc need to have a seperate device to use zello and play IF at the same time.

  1. Firstly, Download Zello Overlay on your device
    Android -
  2. When the installation is finished, open the App and you’ll be directed to this screen.

    3.Then, Click Overlay Off to toggle the Overlay to ON!
  3. All you have to do is hold the button to talk!

Sorry didn’t think that was a thing. Disregard my PM.

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Where in the settings is this?

Its not in the Zello app. You have to download the Zello Overlay App.There aren’t any settings in the overlay app its just one screen.

Oh ok, thanks

Lol I never knew about such an app and I use Android… 😂

So must you have Zello app downloaded initially?

Absolutely… No Zello, how to talk? 😂

Are you saying that you can play IF and use this Zello at the same time, on one device?

Yes, If you have an android, you can use zello and IF at the same time in 1 device. If you have IOS You would have to have zello on 1 device and IF on another

How do you do that??

Do you have an android or an IOS device?


Go to the top of this thread, there are instructions.

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Ooh that sounds very nice - I didn’t know Zello existed, let alone an overlay thingy. If that does what I think it does, that would be very nice! Thanks very much for sharing this! :)

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