How to use VOR in IF?

What the title says. I try using it but it doesn’t make sense


While I’m not really an expert at VORs myself, this tutorial could help you somewhat while you’re waiting for a proper answer;


Are you asking how to use a VOR for an approach? If so, I can help you.

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Yes for approach

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Ok, so in order to fly a VOR approach you’ll need an approach chart for 90% of the cases.

VOR approach is a non-accurate instrument approach. You’ll typically see the VOR’s as circles near the vicinity of an airport/airfield. Here is a nice tutorial on how to fly a VOR approach:

Can you tell me the airport you’re trying to land at so I can explain to you with the approach chart?

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I’m not landing at anything but you can pick KLAX I guess @BravoCharlie

I can’t find a VOR approach for LAX. Any other airport? (Don’t choose a big airport)

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Ummm idk KRNO? Idk any airports specific that have VOR app

@Populeux_Music KRNO only has a VOR-D, (Which I don’t know) and not a VOR approach. Another airport?

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Yelp I dont know any airport with VOR app or can find any but can you just explain how to fly it

Here is a VOR approach for KASE.

You have the VOR approach line, in this case it is heading 163. You basically follow that, and follow the altitudes given (shown below). Along with the waypoints, you have assigned altitudes which you need to follow. A VOR approach is a non-accurate instrument approach, which means you don’t get the glide slope, so its up to you and your judgments.

If you feel unsafe with your approach, you can always abort it and use the back course. How you find the exact backcourse route is by inputting the LOC and the waypoint ‘LINDZ’ and follow the approach chart for further. Here’s how it should look like in IF:

‘MATMU’ is your decision waypoint, which is where you either abort or continue your approach. From there the approach is up to you. You’ll need to do a narrow turn to final to lineup with the runway.

Hope this helped!

(if I said something wrong, please correct me)

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When I am doing this DO i need to tune into the VOR

No, it says on the approach chart. You tune into tower. Follow whatever the approach chart says!

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Ok, thank you for explaining

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Hello @Populeux_Music!

The explanations above aren’t wrong, but VOR navigation in Infinite Flight is way more sophisticated, it’s very much like real life. Have a look at the topic below, it explains you the individual buttons of the NAV panel.

To fully understand how VOR navigation works in Infinite Flight, I think it’s important that you know how it works in real life.

Have a look at this video. It helped me understanding everything.


Thank you! I will check these links out

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