How to use unicom

I hate Dealing with Unicom. Especially with no ground. One time, on TS1, I just landed and I look up ground then it signed off. So I deal with Unicom, I have NO idea how to get to parking, I’m still on taxiing down the runway, waiting for myself to make a decision, taxi without using the Taxiways, or just ram across the Airfield, then 1 minute later, a SAL A340 Smashes through me, I rage quit and taxi to parking like a teen driver…this. is. why. i. hate. unicom.

You can’t avoid Unicom, it’s just that way, oh and before I forget, don’t rage quit on IF.


Ain’t my fault Unicom Is so confusing…

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This should help :)


We’ll see, * GOL 864, taXi to parking * Ohh yay, ground is back! :P

There are tons of tutorials here on how to use unicom. Search for them using the search function. :)