How to use Unicom or Communicate with the ATC?

Hello IFC,

I got a quick question if anybody can please give me a proper answer. I know a bit about Infinite Flight but not an expert, so I am kind of confused to how deal with such thing.
So I am first timer flying to St. Johns (YYT). My initial landing rwy is 29. I landed on rwy 29, I back taxi on rwy 11 to head back on rwy 29 as my first time landed on St. Johns. Now I crossed to Rwy 16 towards rwy 29. So what is the right command for this picture here?

After I crossed Rwy 16 I announced “clear of all rwys” then “cross rwy 29, then cross rwy 20”? Then clear of all rwys right after I cross rwy 20? Is that even right? Please tell me, would have really appreciate that.
And also how about my hometown airport (RPLL)
So If Im on the taxi way crossing that holding point of rwy 31, I supposed to announce “cross rwy 31”? Right? Because thats a Rwy Jurisdiction, right? Anyone please? Thanks

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If it were me I would not use the cross runway command and just use clear of all runways once you are on a taxiway.

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Because Im confused. After I crossed rwy 16, announced “clear of all rwys” but Im entering rwy 29 this time so I announced " crossing rwy 29" then “clear all rwys” again and I had to cross again to rwy 20 to get access to taxiway towards the gate. I dont know maybe im the only one confused here myself or I really need to learn more about aviation.

Don’t use the clear of all runways command until you are off of the runway and on the taxiway, past the hold short line. If you are taxing from one runway onto another runway, nothing needs to be announced to the Unicom frequency.

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