How to use Unicom in 1 minute.

As I was just flying on the advanced server and tower went offline it became a quick mess on Unicom in KSAN.

The idea of Unicom with other traffics inbound or outbound is to request traffic advisories. It is not meant for anyone to just take off and land on any runway they want as you have to take account of other traffic.

When you request traffic advisories the traffic in the pattern will tell you which runway they are using so you can adjust towards that.

After this all you have to do is provide your position, when you will take off / taxi and when you are clear of the runway.

It is not as difficult as it might seem but to keep it organized please follow this.


Realy nice tutorial @Aernout
Goed gedaan
translation: well done

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Fantastic! Thanks buddy!

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Ik begreep het al maar dit is handig want nu weet ik alles weer. Bedankt @Aernout
Translation: i already knew it but its a refresh. Thanks @Aernout

It’s necessary to highlight this, example:

I was inbound KSAN, tower was using runway 09. Tower went offline while I was on left base runway 09 and straigh away on Unicom someone announces he is taking off runway 27 without taking into consideration me and another plane inbound.


Yea, sometimes i do touch and gos but that happnds

Yes can be frustrating so thanks for the reminder. What is the best way if there are multiply runways, such as Singapore? I know in RL very unlikely that it will be Unicom to control a large international like that!

Had a case ( again on Advanced, but no ATC), all 4 runways showing green, but majority of people using 02C to take off and 02L for landing, however still frustrating that someone decided to take off from 20L right towards the waiting aircraft…


Always check what the traffic is doing, and if someone does something crazy report them. Big change others do it as well and with 3 reports they are ghosted.


Do you think that on Traffic Advises could be added " Using Runway xx Left traffic for landing, using Runway yy right traffic for tak off" or is that over complicating? Seems frustrating when other people don’t seem to take the time to see what the rest if traffic are doing…

Oh well all part of the fun! happy contrails

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It’s fine how it is now, just people need to use it properly :)


first of all thanks to @Aernout for this wonderful tutorial, comments to pop up this, because recently in ADV see too many Pilots who do not clear the use of UNICOM, remember that you must always use it when we are not active ATC and act like there is, if a plane is inbound not entered into runway !!!


Forgive the bump, but sending traffic advisories…something that needs to be discussed.

When there are 5 GAs in a right traffic pattern for 20, but you want to take off from 02, simply sending “WBMT is using 02…” doesn’t override the 4 other people who desperately tried to tell you 20 was in use.


FedEx 1234 is taking off runway 02…"

[4 people] “…is using runway 20, right traffic”

[FedEx] “…is using 02…”, now I can take off from 02 because I sent traffic advisories and the five guys already in pattern will just have to deal.

That’s not how it works. If you’re the last to show up, you don’t set the traffic flow.


That happened earlier, I took off from one side as One other person did but then they switched which was silly because it was the wrong way to do the dives. Either way I followed as I wasn’t going to do the opposite thing.

if I understand it, its the guys in the air and due to land have the priority over people still on the ground?

In the end, there are a lot of pilots who don’t utilize Unicom. There’s no telling how many times I’ve seen people spawn and roll without using it.


If there’s 4 people active in the pattern for one end of the runway, then yes, they supercede someone who just spawns and doesn’t want to taxi an extra 5 feet.

The person on the ground is welcome to wait until he will not interfere with anyone. But with 4 GAs in pattern, he’d be better served going to the correct end.


Just thought I’d bump this topic to the top as some people need to see it 🙂

Is there not newer topics?

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I have no idea tbh, I didn’t really check.

Let me have a search…

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