How to use trim

Does anyone know what the trim is? and do you actually need to use it, since the autopilot automatically adjusts the pitch based on VS or whatever setting you put it on?


Hi, here’s a video tutorial created by IF which goes over the basics of using the trim feature on IF.

It’s quite old but teaches it well.

Trim is a good feature to use to improve the stability of your flight. It is not necessary but can improve it considerably.


It’s just to help with takeoff /landing so you aren’t straining your arms holding your screen up right if you’re doing visual landings.

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I wrote this recently to a somewhat related post. There are various explanations but I wanted to put it in my own words. I don’t know if it helps. But good luck!:

As far as using it. I do on occasion. I like to say I’m “trim aware” as far as the angle I have to hold my device as flight conditions change.

But I use the trim adjustment less in IF than I would IRL.

Still I’m thankful for the way IF has implemented it.

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ok thanks .

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