How to use Trim

Hallo everybody! I need to understand the right way to use Trim. This for landing and take off. I often Fly with 319, 320 and 321. Thanks for help me!

You use trim for takeoff and landing so that you don’t have to pull the yoke so hard and thus ease the landing. How much depends on how you like it speed, flap settings and weight. Just try a few settings out and you’ll find the right one.


Thank you Jasper, flap are 1 and so for take off 10 degree are correct?

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Follow Jasper’s advices. Google is also your friend: you can find lot of information on trim.

Understanding how it works and why to use it will give you the answer to your question: How to use it?


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Planes in IF do not have trim tabs.

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You can adjust your trim 10% to bring the nose up or tilt the top of your device 1 degree towards you, it does the same thing.

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The right way to use trim is to match it to the position of your elevators in order to eliminate the nose bump when engaging and disengaging the VS hold.

I use it for landing…

I am pretty certain that In reality the computer controls the trim, you can hear it when watching cockpit videos during landings.

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The elevator trim on the A320 family is in fact mechanically linked to the trim wheel in cockpit. The computer takes control in flight however. I made a beautiful video what happens when one turns the trim wheel in an A320 during my time in an MRO company. I really would like to share it, but that’s sensible material so I will hold on to it. Sorry :)