How to use the SPD

This might be a rather silly question but what is and how do I use the SPD function? . I never really paid attention to the left side of buttons

SPD is speed…
Hold and drag up to increase. Hold and drag down to decrease. Was this what you were looking for?


Yes, is it use to keep the current speed steady for long hauls?

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Yes it is, it is the autopilot for speed, once you’re above FL280 it will go into Mach Mode and you can set what mach speed you want to go in cruise ;).
Reccomend you look at our tutorials

It’s the speed controller for the autopilot. It keeps you going at a constant speed.

Correct. Like @Chief305 said, Above FL280, it would change to mach

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If I set it at the speed I’m at will it maintain the speed?

Also it should be pointed out that it is airspeed and not ground speed. Setting it while on the gond could result in a speeding violation.

Pay attention to the red dots along the speed tape. That is where your speed limit is for that altitude. The higher you go, the lower your max airspeed can be.

For more information check out the #tutorials section.


Yes. It is autopilot

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I would never use it for that

Thanks everyone that answered all my questions. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!