How To Use The Infinite Flight Community || Formatting Guide

What are the drop down arrows that you can click on called?

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It’s called Hide Details.


Ok thank you!

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I noticed this just now. That’s annoying me now. Can someone fix that please?

Amazing post!

Bookmarked! 📖

Seeing people being helpful like this in the community is amazing, it’s really what drives me here. I hope everyone continues to make these amazing and helpful posts, that expand our community to different reaches!

Happy flying! 👨‍✈️

Ace out! ✌️


This is awesome and very helpful for all in the community! Thank You!

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About “Headings”, I discovered that the maximum number of #s is 6.

This is the smallest heading

###### This is the smallest heading

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Can anyone tell me how to quote the pictures? I know how to quote texts but I found it different to quote pictures.

It’s just like quoting text. Highlight over the picture and the “Quote” button should appear

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It is sad that I can’t see the quote button when I press it

You have to highlight word/picture.

I am using mobile phone, I can only press

I got it
Thanks @ThomasThePro @Ishrion

Hey, does someone know how can I paste a Google My Maps into a post? It’s for a VA thread.

Do you want an interactable map?

Yes, from Google My Maps

Ah I don’t know how to do that sorry, I’ll search that up though

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Great stuff very useful. I find myself using this a lot still.

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I mean, how can I link this map to IFC?

Credit to Air India VA

A bit off topic, but why not. It’s not that difficult, all you have to do is copy and paste a link.

Make sure to search next time before posting. There are many topics out there explaining how to embed a google map.