How To Use The Infinite Flight Community || Formatting Guide

Thanks this will really help new users like me

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Do let us know if you still need help! 😀

Will review the thread this weekend, in case there is something that needs to be added / removed. :)

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I have a question: I need to create a rather big table, and I was wondering if Discourse supports pasting an Excel table into the thread maker. If that’s not possible, which possibilities for effective table creation are there? I only the completely manual method which would take ages in my case.

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Just found out myself: Yes you can!!! That’s dope!

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There is also a site that lets you add all the info you want and paste it here.

Could you give me the link?

I’ll try to find it out. Shoot me a message :)

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My settings button doesn’t work :(

While this is bumped, I’d like to emphasize the existence of title rules in #live:events 😂

You mean this one:


same for me

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Works fine for me. Using my iPhone.

Doesn’t work on my iPad.

Thanks! Really helpful

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Where do you fine the code for the drop downs for your topics on putting gates in nice order.

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OMG Thank You SO Much!

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A great tutorial by a fellow community member, added to the list!

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