How to use the IFC


This is the third time you do this kind of testings. If you want to practice on it, make a PM with yourself and practice there instead of posting here and deleting seconds after…


Ok, I only deleted the first one becuase it didn’t work, the second one worked


You can always edit your first post and try again instead of deleting it and creating new ones, only to delete them as well, it just clogs up the thread, which not sometime we would want.

Edit: And you did it again… :/

We would appreciate if you took our words into count and made a post that you keep, let it be there, a constructive one that means something.

It’s great that you’re testing but, no need to make multiple ones and deleting them and also think twice of what you want to write before doing it, think twice before posting it, so that you don’t immediately regret your choice of posting something and then remove it right away, as you did with your most recent post down below :)


Adding on to @Captain_JR, I have seen you do this some months ago. That’s why I said third time :)


Hey @Delta_Alpha_Lima

Thanks for this great topic! I’ve been using the information from this to improve my formats :)


wow that is biggg


Great Tutorial DAL!

See what I did there lol


Yeet. This is a Test.

Using the <big text> command

Edit: Added. Surprisingly there’s a small text thing too.


It’s interesting

because you can really customize your text,

but it’s not too complicated.

good topic.

this is definitely useful for newcomers and me because I had no idea that

text was this dynamic.


Anyone know how to do this?


Nope 👀


Yeah right, anyways let not go off topic.


For people who don’t know.

Yes and this too

<ins>Yes</ins> <del>and this too</del>


How to get

Red Crossed Out Text

< del > (without the spaces in between the alligator mouth things)

To get the result of Test


How to get


[ and ] without the “and” and the spaces

Comes out to


I noticed that when you go to the indenting function, it shows the info of italics.


Hello, does anyone know how to put a text with a link for my profile?


For use here or other sites?

Your profile is that you can share on other sites. For IFC people just click on your name or reference you with the tag @Othman_Asli


is to put the link of my instagram in my profile using the name of my account as text.


I think I’ve solved it thanks …:)