How to use the IFC

Hello, does anyone know how to put a text with a link for my profile?

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For use here or other sites?

Your profile is that you can share on other sites. For IFC people just click on your name or reference you with the tag @Othman_Asli


is to put the link of my instagram in my profile using the name of my account as text.

I think I’ve solved it thanks …:)

very good post


[details="DO NOT CLICK"] | (plane) | (airline) | (destination) | |---|---|---| | (787-10) | (tester) | (VOBL) | [/details]

Your local time

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How do you give a space between the text,
Like above I want to separate the text box from the hidden content button

Use < br >

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Ya that is not working
Edit:nevermind it works

How do you undo things like < kbd > and < big text > ?

Undo thing for kbd? What do you mean?

Like when I do things like this how to I undo the big text and the box so I go back to normal text.

Use the end tag </kbd>.

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Really helpful

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Very useful thank you!


This is very convenient!

i love this so much great job

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test lol

this is amazing!

Can anyone help point me in the right direction on how to get text back to normal size font after using < small text > or < large text >?