How To Use The Drone (Free) Cam


This is a great video @Mark_Denton thank you for creating this, can I ask what airport did you land at in this video the water graphics are amazing?!

Wow, bringing this back up again 4 years later…
The water graphics were different 4 years ago. I honestly think that they are better then the ones we have now.

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I wasn’t aware of this sim 4 years ago but the water graphics in this video are amazing I thought it was recent lol

It appears to be TNCM

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4 years…4 YEARS

I did start flying 3 years ago

Added to the list of the oldest topics in history

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Thanks for the tutorial had some trouble with the drone cam until now. But with the great explanation it’s much easier to use 👍😂

Pretty sure the don’t let don’t work for IF anymore

This can now be found in the Official User Guide: