How to use the auto land function.

Do you have the nee update or how you made that

So this is only currently available for the Boeing 737? Or just the 737 BBJ?

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That’s for another topic.

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Pretty clear sky for an Auroland :P

I’m not going to be using the auto land too much, I like manual landings. But if they decide to increase the frequency of fog on live servers then I’ll consider. Like to feel the aircraft move with my hands :)

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Something tells me that everyone is gonna be flying using their 737/BBJ now 😂


Yes it is only available for the 737-700 BBJ. I am still waiting for the update.

Only within more or less 20 NM from the threshold.

Great write-up Aernout! Keeping this one bookmarked.


Please explain.

Hold your finger for a few seconds where you normally see the “ILS EGLL 27R” for example. In the right bottom of the screen :)

Okay thank you. @Aernout

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I flagged all post that have nothing to do with the tutorial, please make or look for other topics for questions which are not related to this tutorial.

Guys, this is not the place to discuss issues or features about the update…


If it is that much of an issue, why don’t you just lock tutorials? …

This is a tutorial thread. If you have questions about the tutorial itself, this is the place to ask. Off-topic chat is considered hijacking a thread.


Yet you’ve now posted twice in this thread with replies that are, by your own logic, “off topic”, yet here we are… I don’t think it matters. It’s a thread on a forum, discussions vary but it doesn’t take away the original post so it’s hardly “hijacking”.

Besides that, one could argue that a lot of the posts that have been flagged are on topic - I mean people thought of them whilst viewing this thread didn’t they?

It’s crap like this where people need to remember it’s a tiny forum on a big internet - you don’t need stringent rules in place to manage conversations. Sheesh.


And that’s why there are moderators. We decide which posts are truly off-topic or belong somewhere else.

If you didn’t question my reasoning I wouldn’t have to be replying with more off-topic talk.
And even if it is only:

We like to keep things tidy here. The more we loosen up on the guidelines the less organized this community will turn out to be.


Because there has to be a possibility to ask question about the tutorial not other stuff which has nothing to do with.

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