How to use the ALT

I’m doing a flight and I want to set my crusing altitude to 30000 feet, how do I set the ALT to 30 thousands feet? I never used until now

There is an ALT button, set it to whatever atltitude you desire, then in order to climb you must use VS (Vertical Speed) mode, I reccomend never going past 3100 FPM. I usually go 2500 FPM in climb, I also suggest checking out our tutorials in #tutorials and #tutorials:flight ;)!

You just tap and drag it up until it says 30,000 then you let go. And do the opposite for going down

Hello! First you set your ALT to your desired Altitude. Then, set your V/S to the number of feet per minute to climb.

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Thanks! This helped a lot

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MaxSez; “V/S” = Vertical Speed. ie: Rate of Clime Speed. Use V/S with caution.


Use V/S with caution as in don’t go +5000 feet per min. because you’ll stall and (probably) crash as you reach higher altitudes. ;)


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