How to use purchased aircraft offline

how I play with airplanes that I bought without internet connection


You need to wait for the planes to download. After that, you can fly them :)


I’ve installed the plane and I can play. but only connected with internet. how do I use the plane without a wi fi connection

I can play and download on Wifi. I think you can.

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Try reinstalling the app, once you download it you should be able to fly it without wifi or with wifi. This is solo flight right?

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Yes, solo flight.

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Try reinstalling the app and download the planes once it says downloaded then turn of the wifi form your tablet or mobile device and try it


All you have to do is press Restore Purchases. It will say it failed but after that everything will be normal.


It worked! thank you friend.


Your welcome that usually solves most problems

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I have the same problem too, it’s only cause Google can’t verify if you have bought them. I recommend you start before leaving the WiFi zone otherwise you may not have any chance until you get back in the WiFi zone.

Please correctly form a title instead of just “help me!”. I’ve changed it for you. Glad your issue is resolved. Thanks.

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