How to use NAV2?

How do you use NAV2 because I see the option to use it when I am selecting the ILS approach for a runway and also when I am changing my source for navigation.

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It’s an alternate to NAV1. If you set NAV 2 for a runway u can choose it. To sum up it’s basically another option.

It makes it easier to manage your route. I’ll have my route set on NAV1 and will set the ILS on NAV2 so there is a seamless transition when switching and I won’t have to mess around trying to set it up on approach.

But it doesn’t give me the option to use NAV2

NAV 1 and 2 are the same thing. You could use NAV1 for ILS or route and the same with NAV2. It is like an alternate option.

But it doesn’t let me click NAV 2 and also how would you use NAV 2 for navigation

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Click on NAV then there should be NAV1 and NAV2. IDK how to use it for navigation I just click nav and I stay on course

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@AGForLife I believe NAV 2 appears available to select once something (such as an ILS or VOR) has already been set to NAV 1

Adding on, you can tune to VORs on NAV2 and set them on a radial. What this means is that you can fly a given heading to/from that VOR. Its just like a GPS heading, only the heading is directly based on the VOR station.

How is this useful? You can tune into a VOR just like an ILS and use VOR navigation by setting radials to fly to or from the VORs. Departure routes take advantage of NAV2 by assigning certain radials to fly to a way point. I have a fix that in order to align with, I would fly say a 100 degree radial

In short, NAV2 is essential for VOR navigation. Its like a more advanced ILS NAV1, only this time you can choose the heading you can fly.
Sorry if this is too confusing, hope this helps!

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