How to use ground services

When I try to use the new ground services buttons, they are grayed out. Even when I turn the engines off, it won’t let me click them. How do I use them?

Is the parking brake off?

Also turn off nav lights and beacon lights

Hey there, and welcome to the community!

In order to utilize the newly added ground services feature in Infinite Flight, there are a few key states the aircraft must follow. Not following these suggestions will inhibit the feature with a greyed-out button.

One, the aircraft must be stationary with the parking brake enabled and engines shut down. Finally, the aircraft beacon light must be turned off.

This should allow you to use the new feature on all aircraft types!

Happy flying! ✈️


If the beacon lights are on, the GSE will not connect.

Beacon lights are turned on prior to movement, such as pushback.

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The aircraft beacon lights alert ground personnel of hazards such as an aircraft engine in motion. They really shouldn’t be turned on when ground services are in contact with the aircraft hence why it disables the ground services feature in Infinite Flight.


My bad, it was Nav lights?

It worked when turning off the lights. Thanks!