How to Use Ground Effect in the 737 Rework

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I am not sure how it should be done, so it would be great if someone could share how to use the ground effect in the 737 to do a nice soft landing. I’ll update this post with information based upon the feedback given.

If you look below Tom provided some great answers and a link to another page. Recommend you review and grease those landings.

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It’s not done, it just happens on landing. If you are configured correctly for landing, it will naturally happen. :)

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Ground effect is already present in several aircraft, including the MD-11/DC-10, A320 family, and CRJs. As you get closer to the ground, the ground interferes with wingtip vortices and breaks them up, resulting in less induced (and therefore, overall) drag. This will make it feel like you get a boost once you’re close to the ground, probably ~50 feet. This means you can flare less, and if you flare like you are used to you might float down the runway.