How to use gift card to buy infinite flight

I got a 50$ apple gift card and I already redeemed it on my account, how do i use it on my infinite flight pro subscription? (detailed please)


Yes, that’s possible! You need to redeem the gift card first. Here is a step-by-step guide by Apple how to do this:

The available balance will then be used for subscriptions or app purchases.

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I have already redeemed it, I tried clicking on “get PRO” and it prompted as “eGUI Required” which it said it will charge from my email address instead of the gift card.

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It seems like you have to contact Apple Support to change your email address for eGUI…

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No but I need to use my Apple gift card credit

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If you’ve redeemed your Gift Card, the funds are added to your Apple ID. From there, you should just be able to buy the subscription either through renewing a subscription in Purchases in your Apple ID in Settings, or buying a subscription through Infinite Flight.


If u are buying it directly from the infinite flight app, it will request u use ur card