How to Use Free Cam

Hi guys,
I’m just wondering how to use the free cam properly. I’ve seen screenshots of the camera on the wing and below it and everything in between and I’ve asked how they got into that position. They say they used the free cam, and then I ask how they did it with the free cam, they answer say that you ‘just put it there’.
I’ve tried and tried and failed and failed. When I try and put the free cam onto the wing or somewhere else it just points that way.
Please answer on how in the world you position the free cam.
P.S what category would you put this in?

This should help

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Have a look in the tutorials section for more info 👍

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Thanks, that explained everything to me.

Basically, the left side of the screen is to move forward, back or sideways. The right side is to turn the camera.

So just drag and hold the left side to keep moving. Double tap to focus on a plane in the view of the camera.

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