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Often I see people flying long haul with maybe 3/4 waypoints in their flight plan. I think everyone would benefit if we used the brilliant website - it is linked to sim brief and flight aware and creates realistic flight plans that can seamlessly be transferred into Infinite Flight, creating realistic flight plans for us simmers to follow. I have set our steps for you all to follow as some people might find it difficult to initially set up a flight plan correctly.

NOTE: you must created your FREE Simbrief account before proceeding with the steps below

Step 1: open to FPLtoIF website and click Simbrief -> Infinite flight

Step 2: Insert all relevant flight details to allow for a more accurate flight plan

Step 3: Copy the created flight plan and remember the highlighted flight details (fuel, alt, passengers, cargo etc)

Step 3: Spawn in your selected aircraft at your departure gate (try select a relevant gate). Also click on the top right where you search for waypoints/airports

Step 4: Paste the flightplan that you copied from

Step 5: Your flight plan is now complete and now you can embark on your flight, be it 15 hours or 1 hour. Enjoy!

Apologies if the amount of pictures is against the rules, I just found it would be far easier to explain via the pictures.


I think it is pretty well described under the thread of the website creator:


My bad, I never knew they had a YouTube video at the bottom. Thanks for pointing out!

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This one with pictures will be helpful to many community members.


There’s already an official tutorial video which is probably more useful than this.

Nice of you to think to help people out with this but as you are now aware the creator Chris made a more in depth video but I’m sure your basic explanation will help people. If you see any issues or bugs the let @Chris_S know (sorry for the tag) I’m sure he would love to know so he can fix them.