How to use new Infinite Flight feature?

I use this website to plan my flights and it has this feature to download to IF but how do i use it?


When you click to download it shows you all the fixes

You simply select all of those, including the airport codes at the beginning and end, copy and then paste them into the box where you search for airports and fixes within IF as shown below

Once you hit ok your flight plan will be plotted, you can then review and add or remove any fixes as required

As Swiss188 showed in the picture the space where it says Search… tap on that then press and hold on that space until you see the word paste if you don’t see the word paste click on the word clipboard and you will see your FPL.tap on the FPL. Your FPL will then show up in the space tap ok. Once you tap ok the FPL should show up 🙂

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