How to use Flightaware Tutorial

I’ve had a good amount of people ask me how to use to plan your flight. Well here you go with a very short but good tutorial.

This website can only be used in the U.S. meaning if you were to plan a flight from EGLL - LFPG it would not show up the flight plan. If you were to do EGLL - KJFK it would show up. Same goes for KJFK - EGLL

When you go to the website you will be brought to this page, the starting page. To begin filing a flight plan scroll down to the white box that says “Search by Route:” Underneath it, it says “Origin - Destination”. Click on Origin and type either an ICAO code or the Airport name. Today we will use Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) to San Francisco International Airport (KSFO)

Should look like this

Click on the little blue magnify glass square and wait for the page to load. Once it loads you will be brought to this page:

Scroll down a bit until you see the blue box that reads “Flight Results: (LAX) Los Angeles Int’l - (SFO) San Francisco Int’l”
Below you will see a huge variety of flights that have done that route. Some will say "Arrived, Arrived/ Gate Arrival, Arrived/Delayed and Scheduled. Click on one you would like by either pressing the box they are in or pressing the Identification. Once you click on the flight you will be brought to this page:
At the top of the screen you will see the full flight, including the flight number, flight time, Departure Gate, Arrival Gate, and most importantly “Flight Details”

Scroll down to “Flight Details”
You will see the Departure Time and Arrival Time. Scroll down a bit more and you will see Aircraft Details. Pretty basic I dont think I need to go over that one. Underneath that there is “Airline Information” and then the one we need “Flight Data” Once you see “Flight Data” In the box it lists: Speed, Altitude, Distance and Route. For extra realism you can use the exact Altitude that is Filed. To input the route on IF copy the route and paste it into the search bar on IF in the mapping tab.


Open Infinite Flight and start your flight normally. Press on the globe in the bottom left corner (Red Circle) to open up your navigation. Once opened press on the search tab in top right corner (Blue Circle).

Once you have clicked on it paste in the routing that you just copied for the website. Once done press 'OK"

**In the top right corner click “Add to Flight Plan” (Yellow Circle)

And bingo, all done. Also keep in mind this will not give you the exact runway you will have to file that yourself in game, as well as departure.

For anyone wondering what it looks like if you were to do a flight out of the U.S. here you go:
As you can see it doesn’t list the routing on the map or the Flight Data. I love using this website since it adds some realism! I hope this tutorial helps out and I’ll see you in the skies!


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By the way, after a flight between two countries that aren’t Australia, Canada, The United States, or any other of the few countries they have data from freely available they will show the flight path during and after the flight but never the flight plan. Nice job with this!

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oh cool! thanks for that.

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