How to use flaps in the right airspeed (Tutorial)

Are these flap speeds near the same for all aircraft? Is there a website or something that shows all the approach speeds with flaps?

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Those speeds aren’t the same for all aircraft, due to weight differences. You can google their speeds, but you won’t be able to apply them to the simulator without having some “yo-yo” effect.
Your best bet is to take off with a plane at a certain weight (I use Normal for all), take off, level at 6000ft with the speed at 250kts, then start slowing down until the nose of the plane pitches up and start deploying flap. Repeat until you have reached the 30° flap on Boeings and F(ull) on Airbuses.

I made a tutorial listing the flap speeds of the Boeing 737-800, use it as your guide and PM if it helped: Boeing 737-800 Tutorial

P.S: test this on Solo.
P.S 2: The weight is Normal.


From my experience with the 737 aircraft i would do the speeds a little lower but i all depends on your weight. So techincally flaps 5-10 should somewhere around 160knts and usually i dont do any flaps settings at 250

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Are these airspeed numbers for All kinds of aircrafts ?

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Necroposting, if you have a specific aircraft you want to know the airspeed flap correlation, search and you should find something on it. If you don’t, feel free to make a topic asking:) @Abdulrhman990