How to use autopilot to go places

I am trying to go to San Diego and I am trying to use auto pilot to do it (note i am in a 208) I went out of LAX and I need help I made a route on the map but it is not following it

It’s not following the route you entered, because you have to manually change the heading. LNAV has not been introduced into Infinite Flight yet.


Correct, although half expect it to come out with global

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Oh yeah I forgot to add that. I think it’s already confirmed.

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I didn’t want to start a flame war if it wasn’t. That’s why I said “half expect” xD

LNAV and VNAV is not implemented yet but LNAV will likely come with global

You will need to configure your Instrument Dock in order to show the information, then you will have to enter it manually into the Autopilot.

Here is a tutorial I made regarding all the instruments.

And yes, LNAV has been confirmed ;)


MaxSez: Fly a Trash Hauler with full LNAV features with Global IF becomes just another game! Push a button/turn a knob that not flying that’s bus drivin!
So sad, to bad.


I have to agree.

If you have a windows PC you can use Live Flight Connect’s AutoNav if not like stated above you have to change the heading manually

Here’s a basic tutorial I made for the above

PS: I can see that you are new here, welcome to the community, it’s great to have you here

You do not need a joystick to use AutoNav. All you need is a windows computer and to be on the same wifi as your phone.

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Thanks I didn’t know that

No problem, I’ve used autoNav solely for my long haul flights of 4+ hours. The platform can work as long as you need it. You do have to be very careful with your Flight planning because if you do not remove the initial WPT on the FPL once you engage the flight plan the aircraft will head back to where you spawned.

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If you do not have a windows well then you just have to fly the heading manually untill LNAV comes out.

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