How to use APPR?

I don’t know how to use APPR mode…can anyone please help me?

When approaching an airport. Click on the airport (like what you do to add a SID,STAR) and click on runways. Then press NAV1 on the runway you’re landing on. And you’ll be able to use APPR. But be aware not all aircraft have APPR mode

I am very new and I only know to fix waypoints :\

Hello there,
To use the APPR, you need to be in the landing cone, then go in the map, your arrival airport and RWY, select your arrival runway and that’s it. Don’t forget to select the VS

i did not understand…would appreciate a screenshot

I will send you all of these

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I would send you a screenshot to explain further but I’m currently not at home sorry…


that’s not a problem :)

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You can check the user guide dear

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Hi there!

The IF Team has put together this APPR tutorial; check it out!

Additionally, the user guide also has loads of information about flying, from SID/STARs to VOR Navigation:

Also, these charts show how/when to intercept the Localizer and the glide slope:



Hope this helps!


First set the RWY you want to land on to the NAV 1. Second, suggestion intercepting the glideslope at about 3000ft. Third, turn on APPR and let the plane land itself.

Note: Control your own speed and make sure the aircraft is prepared for landing, before turning on APPR.

Don’t use it…it’s better to handfly ILS approaches and use VNAV/LNAV on RNAV approaches. Using APPR for anything
but CAT III autolands is using it as a crutch.

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IMO, I would only use APPR in VERY bad weather conditions. Yesterday, I flew from ATL-JFK with the Delta 777-200LR and I used autoland. It was the HARDEST landing I have EVER had. There was no flare and it hit the ground like a rock. I only used it because the visibility was so bad I couldn’t even see the runway exit. If your not in a situation like that, I recommend just using gps/vnav then taking over when there are no more altitude set waypoints.

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