How to use APPR

I was wondering if someone could give me a brief idea of how to use APPR? Thanks

This should help:


Yea that topic above explained it very well, basically, thirty degree intercept and correct intercept altitude :)

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What is the APPR?
The Approach system is a system used in aircraft to guide into a selected runway. In this case of Infinite flight the approach system does exactly the same! But to get it working is a little different and tricky.

  • First you must make sure you have added the airport to your FPL if not the your APPR system, when turned on won’t find your airport!

  • Now go to HUD 1 or HUD 0 in your main cockpit. Down the right corner of your screen is a box not outlined but shaped by the code. As seen on the picture at Number 10. This runway info box will allow the APPR system register your runway and land your plane


  • Hold your finger on that “box” until a larger dark/black box with runway numbers appear.
    ILS 20
    GPS 34

  • Once you have selected the runway in that dark/black box it will fix the info on the screen from before at that location and say the heading, distance and runway you have chosen!

  • Now you have fed the APPR system the info but it needs the you’re help to assign altitude and speed.

Before continuing you must know that you can only switch it on under a certain distance, a good distance is just from the localiser, about 10 NM. Also do not switch it on unless your under a 90 Degree angle from the runway or it will go CRAZY!

  • You can now switch on the APPR system at the top right hand corner, only if its a APPR fitted aircraft. E.G: A320.

  • Make sure your about 3500-5000ft when you do switch it on, if your too low it will climb and if your too high it will descend with the noise facing down. Make sure your speed is between 130-150 or you will be descending with the noise down until the runway.

  • Whatever you do, do not touch the button to switch it off at all. It will safely turn off on the runway when you have reduced enough speed.

Remember practise makes perfect, so try these instructions to help you.


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