How To Use Airways?

Hello everyone! For the past few months, I’ve been trying to may fly flights more ®️ealistic. One thing I’m curious to learn about is how to use an Airway. I know these were removed from IF after global, and are not visible on the map. But is there a way to find where the real ones are? If so, how do I put them in my flight plan?

You can’t see the airways now, but here’s a hint: they connect at VORs.


When you use Simbrief and other FPL planning website they usually use airways. So that is one way of using airways in your flights. Another way is manually doing it by going on and looking at each specific airway and making the flight plan yourself.

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Well, I’m planning a trans-Atlantic route tonight, and I’m using the NATS. When I was looking through the list of tracks, they all had the recommended entry routes listed as (for example) this:

N333B N329B N323A

Is there a way to decode what this means?

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