How to upload video on PC?

So I made some plane spotting videos but I can’t upload them for some reason because when I go to my files they don’t show up & I don’t have a yt chanel


Make a YouTube channel and upload the video as “unlisted”, then link it here.

Or upload it to your Google drive and share the link here.



Firstly, are these plane spotting videos from within Infinite Flight or is this real world aviation plane spotting videos?

If it is the later, then unfortunately the #general category is for topics relating to Infinite Flight. I’m sure a quick google might be able to assist you with the trouble you are experiencing.

Happy holidays!

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ok thanks:)

Real world aviation

Thanks for clarifying. Therefore what I mentioned above is accurate. The #general category is for topics relating to Infinite Flight. As mentioned, googling the issue that you are experiencing may provide you with some resolutions.

Take care and have a great day!

The OP has the files but needs help uploading them. It’s a fully appropriate question to be asking on this forum, in #meta.


That’s correct. I was just saying that it wasn’t suited for the purpose of the #general category specifically.

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