How to upload a video?

Let me try this a different way.

Alright, I downloaded it on Google drive. Where do I copy a link?

Press on the 3 dots and press “open in new tab”.

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Ok, done mate.

Now what screen are you on?

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I’m just facing the video. com is the tab URL.

Now on that new screen right click on download and press open in new tab.

I get that “Scan for virus” thing again in a new tab when I press download.

I can’t right click on Download btw.

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Now the link in the URL box can you copy and paste it here so I can see.

Will it leak any personal info?

Just in case PM me it.

I suggest @Qantas094 post a tutorial after you have finished this :)

Please do not respond to me, just ignore this until you are finished assisting this user


I will see. I might ask the moderators for permission to make it.


This topic has been made, showing people are interested by doing this on their own posts, meaning a tutorial is helpful to the community


We have a solution, however it’s a risk because the person’s private account might be shown when you access the google drive. Thats why we should wait for @Qantas094 to figure out a secure way of sharing videos :)

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I am going to make a tutorial on how to do this so keep your eye out for it.