How to upload a video?

How can I upload a video on the forum? I don’t want to do it via YouTube, as I’ve seen @Qantas094 upload a video for the video competition without using YT.


You need to get the download link of the file then paste the link into the post.

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How can I get the link? (Sorry if that’s a dumb question lol)

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It’s not a dumb question, you need to first upload the file to a sharing platform such as Google Drive then get the link to download the file,mit should end with .mov, .mp4 or others depending on the file format.


Ok, I’ll try now. Thanks!

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@Qantas094 when I download the file from Google Drive it says that it needs to be scanned for viruses. The file is too big. I mean I made the file, so would it be safe to download it?

Hmm, send a screenshot please.

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Here it is.

Press download anyway

Are you sure?

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It’s your file, also are you on mobile or computer?


I already have the file downloaded in “Files” on my MacBook. Is it necessary to download it again?

It is my file, and yes I’m on Mac.

Press on the file, then send a screenshot of the options.

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Before I do that, MP4 is supported right? I have the MP4 file of my video, but it says that its not supported.

Yes mp4 is supported.

thats weird, because for me it says that its not authorized.

Don’t try uploading it on the IFC as it’s not enabled in the admin settings.

So where do I upload it? Sorry for taking your time mate.

Via Google Drive or another file sharing service.

But I already have the file downloaded. Why do I have to download it again? (For google drive)