How to upload a plan from SimBrief

I am new to SimBrief and was trying to upload it to If but am unable to figure it out.

Are you trying to copy it to Infinite Flight?


Dan shows exactly how to use simbrief and put the completed flight plan into Infinite Flight: How To Make a PRO Flight Plan in Infinite Flight! - YouTube

Shoutout to @Dan for making this very helpful tutorial!

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Below are the steps to set up a flight plan through Simbrief

  1. Go to Infinite Flight FPL Converter
  2. Fill out all the required details and generate the flight plan
  3. Copy the flight plan generated and paste it to research bar on your Infinite Flight map
  4. Delete the unnecessary waypoints, and add STARs and SIDs to your flight plan

I find Simbrief very useful as it gives you all the details you need for a flight. I hope you can successfully get your fpl set up, happy flying!

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Thank you!

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