How to Update (If you aren't seeing it as yet)

I was not seeing the update either in Play Store.

However, I googled Infiinite Filight Update.

When the app appears in the search and asks if the install, click on the name, and then update appears.

Hope this helps

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Hey there, there’s no need to worry about whether the update appears now or 30 minutes down the line. The staff at Infinite Flight has done all that they could to ensure this reaches as many people as possible, however, Apple and Google are the ones that push the update.

Patience is a virtue, the update will come eventually.

Hi Lord,

We’re aware that IF has pushed all the buttons.

The above is to assist those who are not seeing the update even though it is available on Android.

You’re encouragement of patience is though appreciated. However the post wasn’t a complaint or such.

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