How to up my level ATC

Hi! Can u tell me how can i up my control level to control in Advanced server or report users?

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Check this post

You contact a recruiter after a series of tests, you are a controller.


thank you!

To report a user while controlling, just click report and it should say "controller level too low to report users (something like that) but contrary to popular belief it has already sent a report, just make sure to hit ‘back’ to return to your flight strips.

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Not exactly as I thought it would be… When I tapped on the “controller level too low”, it automatically brought me back to the main ATC menu

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Exactly as stated!

how can i contact @Tyler_Shelton

You send him a PM

how can i do this

Find his profile and click on it, then find the little blue message box and click on that. Btw love your profile picture /)

me too :D but maybe u can tell me where is ‘little blue message box’?

You are still a new user (TL0) TL0 ers cant send PMs currently, to get to the next level TL1, just read and comment on a few posts

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I can tag him for you,
Will look at this…i guess

thank you :З

How can I know my ATC operations on the Playground Server?

Contact a recruiter.

More info here

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