How To Understand IFATC

Hello my name is George :), I’m grade 3 in infinite flight but never really play on expert mainly because I just don’t know how to communicate well with atc without getting a violation is there any tips you guys can give me or videos to learn more about atc and not get violations I would really appreciate it thank you all (I know the basic atc words)
Like taxi pushback the basics just not the more advanced)


I understand It may be intimidating. But I do recommend to have a look at what I linked below!

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More specifically, the section linked below may be of significance. Best of luck!

There really needs to be an in-app tutorial of some kind – the majority of pilots on the training server have no idea what they are doing, and it’s not their fault. Burying the ATC documentation is really a design flaw.

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Its not burried, There is clearly a button that links to the user guide in-game. But yes it should be more obvious that its an userguide button.

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