How to understand approach procedure numbers and lettering?

Hi, tried looking for the following subject in the forum but can’t find any, maybe because I don’t even know the correct keywords for the issue (just look at the title for this thread lol).

When planning for Departure, Arrival and Approach in the map, they’re pretty much understandable and self explanatory… except when I get to chose my Approach procedure.

For example, if I plan to Approach RWY 09R, I see several versions of the same: D09R, I09R, Z09R, J09, L09, R09, etc. and clicking on any will sometimes produce the same waypoints only with different colours, which gets me more confused (so I usually just use whatever and modify them manually - which I’m sure, is not the right way to go about it).

Anyone could direct me to any links explaining what those extra Approach letters mean and how to use them properly?
Appreciate any help from you guys, cheers yall!

Hello JJ! There are many approaches that you can find in the simulator as you stated, each one has it’s own prefix which determines which approach is conducted. There are three guides that you can utilise; approach, arrival and departure. Each one is easy to use and monitor once you get the hang of it. I hope these answer your questions!

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Oh wow, spot on! Thank you SO MUCH!!