How to turn on TCAS?

In the 737 Cockpit, it says TCAS OFF. how do i turn it on?

It’s on if you have your battery on. I don’t think your able to select it if it’s on or off.

My Main battery is on though.

TCAS isn’t activated on the ground due to the sheer amount of traffic in close proximity. TCAS will activate once you lift off the ground


If there’s no one around you aircraft on your NAV screen will no display.

Edit: Balloon gave a valid and correct response

oh ok thanks

there’s TCAS ?

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It’s just aircraft in the area displayed on your NAV screen.

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Please see the highlighted reply above.

For those curious on what TCAS looks like in the air and how to change the range…

The Standard Map Range (What it will originally be on when you first begin) is 10NM. You can increase the range by going to the NAV - Avionics panel on the right hand side of the app and switching it to 20, 40, 80, 160, or 320 NM’s.

Here’s what TCAS looks like:
Pictured is the B777-200ER TCAS Screen


Oh wow. I just saw it and LAX looks like a living hell.


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