How to turn on cabin and cockpit light of A320 in android device?

Please tell me how to turn on cabin lamp in a320… i used android


I think it comes on automatically in sunrise,sunset,and night


Both only come on when you set the time of day to sunset, night, or sunrise. Moved to support.


Thank you for your information…

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Do you need high aircraft quality for cabin lights to work?

This has seriously been covered about 100 times…

Please search before creating a thread.

@MishaCampcan you close the topic bud.

@Talkingribzz yes it will only show cabin light @highest settings ; )

You need to calm down mate, this is the second thread Ive seen you got worked up in, just relax.

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Ok thanks, I don’t have the update yet (I have IOS).

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Honestly, read things 100 times you would get a little narked as well haha

no only in night

I bought a320 but the lights are not working same in 747 am using stupid android

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Set airplane quality to high or very high .

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Thnx bro but i put it night it didnt work, and where i could find the plane quality?

Hahahahahaha already faults

Everything better work properly after all this time “developing” it when IOS comes out.


Settings>Graphics>Airplane Quality.

Settings is the gear in the upper lefthand corner if you didn’t know

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There isn’t yet an option to ‘toggle’ the cabin lights. This is something to be added in future updates. Currently, the lights are activated by the time of day. Sunrise, sunset and night will illuminate the aircraft, if you have the aircraft settings on high of course.