How to Turn Off Automatic Replay Option


so today, I was doing a red eye flight from KLAX to KBOS and mid flight, I got a notification saying that my iPad’s storage was full. Immediately, I lost all controls of the aircraft like the HUD and the map, and had to exit the flight. I also then, after exiting, deleted about 35 replays I had sitting in game, and immediately got back about 5 extra GBs worth of storage.

But now getting to my question: is there an option to turn off automatic replay recordings when you are doing the actual flight?

The reason I ask this is because there are only a handful of flights I actually want to save for a replay, while the vast majority, I could honestly live without. Any help with this is appreciated!

Thanks, and safe flying 😁,


I don’t believe there is. But if you don’t want certain flights’ replay, you can go in “replays” and delete them.


It’s not possible.
I dream of an auto history clear after a defined period.

There is no option to turn off the Automatic Replay Option, however the reason the storage is full is not because of the replay files saved into the Application. A few hours flight only took a few Mb’s in the storage file.

If you are willing to save some storage, please change the Airplane Count to Low, in order to stop aircrafts automatically downloading too much. That’s my tip.

Even with all those settings replay sizes can get to around 120mbs even on shorter flights if the airport he is departing from or arriving to has a lot of aircraft. This happens even if airplane count is on low.


For example look at my top flight. This flight was short but had traffic in it. Even with my airplane count at low on my iPad the storage required was nearly half of what I needed for my 15 hour flight that originated and ended at airports that had no other traffic but mine.

Airplane count doesn’t help because even though your aren’t viewing them the app is still recording the flight data for the replay in case you change your settings in replay. The data is still recorded for flights around you no matter what the airplane count is.

Recommendation is to regularly go through and delete the files you do not want to keep on your device in order to keep your storage open.

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