How to: Toncontin (how to approach)

Hi all

Welcome to a tutorial on how to land at Toncontin (02 specifically), and some other approaches. Here, you can see how to land at Toncontin using approach 1, 2 or 3 (you might get ghosted using 2 or 3). Without anymore chit-chat, let’s get in!

Approach 1:

Here, we can see the normal approach (if you spawn on final in solo this is), which consists of that sharp right-hand turn. There was a video in the internet about a 757 landing here (it can be found somewhere.

Approach 2:

Here, we have the kind of same approach, only the turn is much more extreme on short final
Approach 3:

Here we have what you can call a LCY opposing approach, where you have to approach at the slightest of AOA’s, then shove the nose into a normal glide slope on short final


Adding: The classic IRL approach for commercial airplanes seems to be a circling approach from the west with a left visual turn to final as shown on the picture below:

Source: FR24 screenshot